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Why the Aerospace Industry Needs Cadmium Plating

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The aerospace industry is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. Thus, manufacturers must use advanced materials and techniques to meet the demanding requirements of this sector. One such technique that has proven to be highly effective is cadmium plating.

Cadmium plating is the electroplating of a thin cadmium coating onto a metal surface. The metal portion is immersed in an electrolyte solution containing cadmium ions throughout the plating process. Then, an electric current is sent across the solution, causing the cadmium ions to settle on the metal’s surface. By altering the current and time of the plating process, the thickness of the cadmium layer may be regulated.

This post will discuss the benefits of cadmium plating in the aerospace industry.

Advantages of Cadmium Plating

Cadmium plating offers a wide range of benefits that make it ideal for aerospace applications. Some of these include the following:

Corrosion Protection

Cadmium is extremely corrosion-resistant. Thus, cadmium plating enhances the durability and longevity of parts and components. The process is often applied to parts subjected to extreme temperatures, pressures, and other harsh environments. This is important for aerospace applications because it reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Wear Resistance

Cadmium plating is ideal for gears and bearings since cadmium-plated components can withstand repeated movement and high loads without showing deformation. In addition, precision is crucial in aerospace applications, so high wear resistance also helps maintain components’ reliability.

Electrical Conductivity

Electrical systems and components are exposed to extreme temperatures in aerospace applications. With cadmium plating, the electrical conductivity of the materials ensures that these systems continue to function properly and efficiently, even under harsh conditions.

Low Toxicity

Cadmium is relatively low in toxicity, making it safer for workers to handle and reducing the risk of environmental contamination. As a result, it can benefit aerospace manufacturers looking to reduce their environmental footprint and meet regulations on toxic materials. Furthermore, it can improve the dependability and safety of these systems.

Lightweight Quality

Cadmium plating is lightweight. This quality makes it vital for components and equipment that are weight- or load-sensitive. Minimizing weight is important in aerospace applications as it can help reduce fuel consumption, increase speed, and improve maneuverability.


Cadmium plating improves the reliability of electrical systems. Thus, it leads to increased safety and reduced downtime, which can benefit aerospace manufacturers in terms of productivity and profitability. It also prevents system or component issues for the end user.

Achieve Optimal Performance for Aerospace Components With Cadmium Plating

At New Method Plating, we understand the importance of high-quality plating services in the aerospace industry. As a result, we offer expert cadmium plating services to aerospace manufacturers, helping them achieve this advanced technique’s benefits.

With nearly 80 years of experience, we are an industry leader in providing top-of-the-line plating services. Our team of experts maintains all critical industry-standard certifications, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality to all our clients.

Contact us or request a quote and let us help you experience the benefits of cadmium plating for aerospace applications!

All You Need To Know About Nadcap Certified for Chemical Processing

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Any manufacturer certified by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) can guarantee high industry standards, especially in the aerospace industry. As a result, the company will get increased customer satisfaction, higher-quality products, and reduced prices.

Since 1931, New Method Plating has provided customers with high-quality precision electroplating and metal finishing services. Our Nadcap certification for all our services demonstrates our commitment to quality and dedication to meeting our customers’ needs as quickly as possible. Furthermore, we are an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified aerospace and defense parts provider.

What Is Nadcap Certified for Chemical Processing?

The Nadcap accreditation is an industry-driven program in which highly qualified industry experts perform operating evaluations using process-specific criteria. It is administered by the Performance Review Institute (PRI), allowing it to establish stringent standards for chemical processing, including metal plating.

The process assessment of Nadcap ensures that all critical component processing, safety checks, and testing are carried out following standard procedures. It also includes recording, storing, and furnishing essential information per specification. This is accomplished by conducting stringent and in-depth audits on parts from receiving requests to final inspection.

What Is the Process of Obtaining Nadcap Certification?

Almost every aerospace prime and their major suppliers all over the globe now require Nadcap accreditation as a prerequisite for doing business. This prompted Nadcap to offer programs for testing labs, non-destructive diagnostics, heat treating, surface coating, chemical processing, and other applications.

To qualify for the Nadcap review, companies must possess a quality system certification — such as the AS9100 — or acceptable equivalents from a recognized third-party advisory committee. Suppliers who do not have the necessary quality system certification can add an extra audit day with the PRI to achieve the AC7004 aerospace quality system audit or the AC7006 laboratory audit.

Once a company officially requests an audit for a Nadcap certificate, it must follow a few steps. First, the audit will be arranged and scheduled, and the company will be assigned an auditor. Next, any non-conformity issues will be brought up, and non-conformance findings and reports will be issued after the audit. The PRI will then close out the non-conformance reports and submit the completed audit package to a task group, which will review it and vote on its approval.

Nadcap task groups are made up of individuals — prime contractors, government representatives, and suppliers — who are considered experts in the product, process, or service for which companies are to be audited. Their responsibilities for the accreditation program include the following:

  • Implementing the accreditation process
  • Recommending auditor hiring and training needs
  • Developing standards and checklists
  • Creating performance measures, metrics, and quality improvement

Lastly, when all non-conformances have been resolved, accreditation is granted to the company or supplier. The enterprises that have been given the auditing approval will gain new perspectives on their operational processes and a summary list of areas for improvement. Everything from system escapes to field failures is avoided through thorough assessment and methodical change, resulting in reduced part cost and process variability.

What Are the Best Preparation Techniques for a Nadcap Certification?

The Nadcap process assessment is a complex and time-consuming procedure. Often, the most difficult step is knowing where to begin. Here are a few techniques for adequate auditing preparation:

Identifying Key Documents and References

A recommended first step in preparing for an audit is to know which documents to refer to and which requirements to follow throughout the audit. Several websites provide useful information about Nadcap.

PRI gives access to various supplemental materials for reference during the Nadcap audit. These include documents on pre- and post-audit processes, detailed information on response timeframes, how to reduce the frequency of audits, what to do in the event of a failed audit, and other topics.

Consulting With Other Suppliers and Companies

Consultation with other suppliers can aid in exploring best practices for audit preparation. Attending at least one of PRI’s three annual meetings is one opportunity to discuss others’ audit experiences. If you cannot participate in a PRI meeting, you can read the meeting notes, which contain information on the discussions and decisions made on particular issues and guidelines.

Discussing other companies’ Nadcap audit experiences can benefit a company because it provides exposure to different points of view to better understand the process. Furthermore, constructive conversations about best practices and proposed methods contribute to better regulation and ensure consistent adherence to global quality standards.

Scheduling the Nadcap Audit

The official Nadcap audit can be scheduled via the official website following a thorough review of the relevant documents, reference materials, and other auditing notes. It is suggested to know the answers to the following questions:

  • During the audit, will you run real orders for an aerospace client or sample parts?
  • Have you identified the accreditation scope for which you wish to be audited?
  • Do you already have an approved quality system?
  • Have you allotted enough time to plan for and conduct an internal audit?

Understanding the Internal Audit Procedure

Knowing the specific internal audit requirements is crucial to preparing for the official Nadcap audit. Internal audits include quality system audits (such as AS9001 or AC7004) and live job audits. These include reviewing past surveys, system accuracy tests, leak assessments, maintenance logs, and historical jobs.

What Are the Advantages of Working With a Nadcap-Certified Company?

Obtaining a Nadcap certification is currently a challenge for small businesses. Many suppliers opt not to be accredited, either by declining audits after initial accreditation or by never becoming certified in the first place.

Audits can be costly, and committing to constantly evaluating processes and trying to manage audit tasks throughout the year can be time-consuming. Moreover, it can be a significant financial investment to update processes and procedures and a substantial time dedication for staff training and quality management.

As a result, finding a company that has gone through the process assessment is critical, as the primary goal of Nadcap is to ensure and sustain high-quality, standardized business practices that benefit both the company and its customers.

Here are other advantages that a Nadcap-certified company can provide you with:

  • Confirmed adherence to best practices
  • Ensured high-quality processes based on proven methodologies
  • Guaranteed optimum industry standards
  • Guaranteed safe chemical processing services
  • Improved product quality
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced prices through increased standardization

New Method Plating’s Nadcap Accreditation and AS7108 Certification for Chemical Processing

The Nadcap for chemical processing is the most recent in a series of Nadcap monitoring and assessment designed to standardize auditing and guarantee that suppliers keep up with new technologies and compliances. To become Nadcap-certified, New Method Plating went through a rigorous accreditation process.

Our Nadcap credential for chemical processing certifies that our procedures adhere to industry standards and that our products and services have been thoroughly checked. This includes the following:

  • Chemical processing
  • Resistance welding
  • Measuring
  • Testing
  • Calibrating
  • Documentation

Partner With New Method Plating: A Nadcap-Certified Chemical Processing Company!

New Plating Method is a Nadcap-accredited metal finishing, electroplating, and aerospace parts provider with ISO 9001:2015 AS9100 certifications. We collaborate with customers to develop custom finishing solutions that maximize their products for various conditions and applications.

Contact us today if your company needs high-quality metal finishing services in the aerospace and defense industries. Our team will review your prints, provide price quotes and lead times, and answer any questions you have about our company and capabilities!