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  1. Why the Aerospace Industry Needs Cadmium Plating

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    The aerospace industry is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. Thus, manufacturers must use advanced materials and techniques to meet the demanding requirements of this sector. One such technique that has proven to be highly effective is cadmium plating.

    Cadmium plating is the electroplating of a thin cadmium coating onto a metal surface. The metal portion is immersed in an electrolyte solution containing cadmium ions throughout the plating process. Then, an electric current is sent across the solution, causing the cadmium ions to settle on the metal’s surface. By altering the current and time of the plating process, the thickness of the cadmium layer may be regulated.

    This post will discuss the benefits of cadmium plating in the aerospace industry.

    Advantages of Cadmium Plating

    Cadmium plating offers a wide range of benefits that make it ideal for aerospace applications. Some of these include the following:

    Corrosion Protection

    Cadmium is extremely corrosion-resistant. Thus, cadmium plating enhances the durability and longevity of parts and components. The process is often applied to parts subjected to extreme temperatures, pressures, and other harsh environments. This is important for aerospace applications because it reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

    Wear Resistance

    Cadmium plating is ideal for gears and bearings since cadmium-plated components can withstand repeated movement and high loads without showing deformation. In addition, precision is crucial in aerospace applications, so high wear resistance also helps maintain components’ reliability.

    Electrical Conductivity

    Electrical systems and components are exposed to extreme temperatures in aerospace applications. With cadmium plating, the electrical conductivity of the materials ensures that these systems continue to function properly and efficiently, even under harsh conditions.

    Low Toxicity

    Cadmium is relatively low in toxicity, making it safer for workers to handle and reducing the risk of environmental contamination. As a result, it can benefit aerospace manufacturers looking to reduce their environmental footprint and meet regulations on toxic materials. Furthermore, it can improve the dependability and safety of these systems.

    Lightweight Quality

    Cadmium plating is lightweight. This quality makes it vital for components and equipment that are weight- or load-sensitive. Minimizing weight is important in aerospace applications as it can help reduce fuel consumption, increase speed, and improve maneuverability.


    Cadmium plating improves the reliability of electrical systems. Thus, it leads to increased safety and reduced downtime, which can benefit aerospace manufacturers in terms of productivity and profitability. It also prevents system or component issues for the end user.

    Achieve Optimal Performance for Aerospace Components With Cadmium Plating

    At New Method Plating, we understand the importance of high-quality plating services in the aerospace industry. As a result, we offer expert cadmium plating services to aerospace manufacturers, helping them achieve this advanced technique’s benefits.

    With nearly 80 years of experience, we are an industry leader in providing top-of-the-line plating services. Our team of experts maintains all critical industry-standard certifications, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality to all our clients.

    Contact us or request a quote and let us help you experience the benefits of cadmium plating for aerospace applications!

  2. Why Choose Cadmium Plating?

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    Cadmium is a versatile metal used in various industrial applications, including batteries, alloys, and pigments, with electroplating being the most common. Although it is highly toxic and should not be used on surfaces that come into direct contact with food, cadmium provides superior protection to industries constantly subjected to harsh conditions.

    In this article, we will walk you through the fundamentals of cadmium plating, including its process, benefits, applications, and types.

    What Is Cadmium Plating?

    Cadmium plating, also referred to as cadmium electroplating, is a type of metallic coating with distinct and advantageous properties. In this process, cadmium undergoes electrodeposition onto the metal from a formula with electrolytes and cadmium salts in vats or barrels. These electrolyte solutions are based on the cyanine alkaline system. However, there are other solutions, such as fluoroborate-based systems, but the results may need more brightness and power.

    Another method is mechanical cadmium plating, which uses mechanical energy to apply coatings to components. This application is ideal for clips and fasteners that are small enough to be plated within a barrel. Finally, this process can be carried out using ion or vacuum deposition, in which cadmium is heated inside until it vaporizes. The process is followed by condensing cadmium atoms, forming a thin film of high-quality coating as its by-product.

    Benefits of Cadmium Plating

    Cadmium plating is a sacrificial coating, which means it corrodes and degrades before the underlying material, providing a layer of protection to the metal below. Furthermore, it offers several advantages, including the following:

    • High resistance to saltwater corrosion
    • Provides adhesives with an exceptional bonding surface
    • Excellent electrical conductivity
    • High solderability level
    • Built-in lubricity, which prevents galling and yields a low-friction surface
    • Natural resistance to mold and bacteria
    • Can coat dissimilar materials, complex shapes, and difficult-to-reach contours with ease
    • Applicable in an ultra-thin, lightweight layer

    Industries & Applications of Cadmium Plating

    Cadmium electroplating is used in several industries, including:

    Military and Aerospace

    Cadmium electroplating’s anti-corrosive properties and natural lubricity make it ideal for critical in-flight applications. In addition, its adhesive properties make it particularly useful for bonding materials to aircraft aluminum frames.


    Cadmium plating is commonly found in disc brakes and hoses in modern high-performance automobiles, tractor-trailers, and other modes of transportation because of its corrosion resistance.


    Cadmium plating has excellent resistance against saltwater corrosion, making it ideal for marine applications.


    Cadmium electroplating’s conductivity makes it an ideal choice for electronic connectors and relays. It is also used to manufacture batteries for cell phones and laptops.

    Construction and Manufacturing

    Cadmium coats many standard components in industrial construction, such as hardware and industrial fasteners. It is also present in prefabricated products used in various manufacturing environments.

    Types of Cadmium Plating

    The post-treatment colorization of cadmium coating is referred to as the plating type. Cadmium plating comes in three different types and classification levels, which are as follows:

    Type I

    Type I, also referred to as “as plated,” is the standard color scheme for cadmium plating. Therefore, no additional color treatment has been applied to this type.

    Type II

    This type of cadmium plated is iridescent yellow. The quality of this treatment is evaluated by spraying salt on the exterior of the plated component and then inspecting for corrosion after a 96-hour waiting period.

    Type III

    This cadmium plating is used as a paint base and has a supplementary phosphate colorization.

    Choose New Method of Plating for Precision Electroplating

    New Method Plating Company has maintained our leadership position as one of the most exquisite specialty platers in the New England region by constantly improving our facilities, equipment, and staff. We also have such a strong commitment to quality and pride in our craftsmanship that we can provide our customers with the highest quality electroplating and metal finishing services.

    Contact us today to learn more about our services and solutions, or request a quote!

  3. Why You Should Only Work With An AS9100-Certified Plating Company

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    Every business aims to enhance clients’ satisfaction and earn long-term trust from customers. The key to doing this is to back up products and services with official certifications that prove adherence to high quality and standards. For instance, the AS9100 certification is an integral standard in implementing aircraft suppliers’ Quality Management Systems (QMS) in the aeronautics and aviation industries.

    New Method Plating Company, Inc. has a strong commitment to quality. Over the years, we have ensured to continuously strive for excellence by upgrading our facilities and equipment, continuously empowering our team, and working hard to achieve essential certifications, including AS9100, to maintain our reputation as the finest specialty platers in the New England region.

    What is AS9100 Certification

    The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) released AS9100 based on the internationally recognized ISO 9001 standards. ISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization, which is a global federation of technical bodies that prepare international standards.

    AS9100 and ISO 9001 are both specifications for creating a QMS; however, AS9100 is customized for aviation, space, and defense organizations. Products made with AS9100-certified QMS have guaranteed quality, improved services, and met customers’ demands, increasing their satisfaction.

    Advantages Of Working With An AS9100-Certified Company

    A QMS or Quality Management System is a collection of a company’s rules, established procedures, and records that outline how it serves its market. The AS9100 standards give a company set guidelines for ensuring high-quality products or services. Beyond quality assurance, here are some other advantages of choosing an AS9100-certified company for your plating needs.

    • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
    • Recommendation by aerospace regulators
    • High efficacy of products or services
    • Secures better supplier relationships
    • Assurance for continuous development and innovation

    New Method Plating Is An AS9100-Certified Partner

    New Method Plating Company, Inc. services the aerospace and military defense sectors, and being AS9100-certified assures our current and future clients that a credible external certification authority has verified our QMS to meet the requirements to acquire contracts and deliver quality plating products and services.

    In 1999, the AS9100 standard was published. It was regularly upgraded over the years until the most recent version, AS9100 Rev D, was released in 2016, which supplements the 2015 requirements. To date, New Method Plating is updated with all the AS9100 certification requirements and adheres to its latest version, which entails the following compliances:

    • Accountability of top management
    • Anti-counterfeiting measures
    • Effective communication
    • Human factors consideration
    • Informational substitution of preventative action with risk-based reasoning
    • Organizational context
    • Purchasing flow-down
    • Quality management program
    • Safety-minded
    • Supplier Monitoring

    Trust New Method Plating’s AS1900 Certified Metal Finishing Capabilities

    New Method Plating provides high-quality metal finishing. To ensure that our products and services satisfy each of our customer’s demands, we adhere to strict quality requirements and have been certified and accredited by internationally acknowledged authorities.

    Our commitment to quality is reflected in our industry-standard certifications, which include AS1900 certification, ISO 9001 certification, Nadcap AS7108, Mil-Spec, and more! We are certified to work with cadmium plating specifically and other metals, including nickel, zinc, chrome, and copper. Aside from our precision electroplating services, we also offer sandblasting, vapor degreasing, passivation, and chemical film coatings services.

    Contact us to learn more about our services and credentials, or request a quote today for your next specialty plating and metal finishing project.

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