About New Method Plating Company, Inc.

“Through our strong commitment to quality and pride in our craftsmanship, we intend to provide customers with the highest quality of metal finishing”

A Family owned and operated business, New Method Plating Company has held a strong commitment to quality. Over the years, we have continued that tradition of excellence by upgrading our facilities, our equipment, and our staff to maintain our leadership position as one of the finest specialty platers in the New England region.


About New Method Plating

New Method Plating 1940

The Building in 1940 has been brought to Worcester from Saint Louis by the Reed family. A pre-fabricated building, it has been showcased at the 1913 World’s Fair as an example of the construction of the future. It was fully restored to its original appearance by the Capalbo family as the site of New Method Plating Co.


About New Method Plating

New Method Plating Present

New Method Plating Company was founded on a dare in 1931. When a neighborhood business failed, seventeen-year-old Ralph Capalbo armed with the self-confidence of youth gave the owner advice on how to save the business. The amused owner told him to do it himself. Ralph started the business in the basement of his parents’ house and in 1940 he moved the business to its present location where it has flourished ever since.