Yellow Zinc Plating

At New Method Plating, we specialize in precision electroplating and metal finishing services. One of our core capabilities is zinc plating. While zinc plating operations typically result in flat gray or silver finishes, we can achieve other finish colors through post-treatment chromates, including yellow. 

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What Is Yellow Zinc Plating? 

Yellow zinc plating is a form of zinc plating in which chromate with a high trivalent or hexavalent chromium content is applied to the surface of a part after it has been plated with zinc. This compound prevents the zinc from corroding and produces a yellow-colored finish. 

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Types of Yellow Zinc Plating

Yellow zinc plating operations can be classified into two categories based on the type of chromate they use and the finish they produce. 

Trivalent Yellow Zinc Plating

Trivalent yellow zinc plating operations use trivalent chromate, which produces an iridescent yellow finish with a slight green/red hue. It can exhibit up to 150 hours or more of corrosion resistance when exposed to salt spray without a topcoat. Additionally, it passes the thumb test (i.e., it will not rub off) and offers ultraviolet (UV) resistance (i.e., it will not fade in sunlight). 

Hexavalent Yellow Zinc Plating

Hexavalent yellow zinc plating operations use hexavalent chromate, which produces an iridescent gold/yellow finish. Similar to trivalent yellow zinc plated finishes, hexavalent yellow zinc plated finishes exhibit extended salt spray corrosion resistance (between 72 and 144 hours). Since they are thick and self-healing, they can also better maintain their corrosion resistance when scratched. However, since they are gelatinous, they will dry out and crack if exposed to temperatures above 150° F. Additionally, the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive currently bans the use of hexavalent chromium. 

Advantages of Yellow Zinc Plating

All zinc plated coatings, including yellow finishes, have some shared characteristics. For example, they increase the corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal of a component, operate within a wide range of bath chemistries, and withstand temperatures up to 120° F. However, different types of zinc coatings may also offer unique advantages. Yellow zinc plated finishes have the following:

  • Greater corrosion resistance (than clear or blue finishes)
  • Better cost-effectiveness
  • Nicer cosmetic characteristics 

Yellow Zinc Plating Applications

Yellow zinc plating is a popular finishing choice for many industries. It is used for a variety of metal parts and products, including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Automotive parts
  • Consumer products
  • Contactors
  • Fasteners
  • Mechanical components

Yellow Zinc Coating Solutions From New Method Plating Company, Inc.

Looking for a metal finishing treatment that improves the functional and aesthetic qualities of your metal components? Yellow zinc coating may be the solution for you! The process enhances corrosion resistance and adds an attractive yellowish color.  

Ready to get started on your yellow zinc coating solution? New Method Plating is here to help! We offer industry-leading metal finishing capabilities, including yellow zinc electroplating, to customers in a diverse set of industries. Armed with extensive zinc plating experience and electroplating equipment, we can deliver fully finished components quickly without sacrificing quality. 

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